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Andi company provides to clients such a service as personal bodyguard in Kiev or Odessa. We offer a carrying out of a deal by using a worked plan and under a professional management of specially trained employees. Their aim is to prevent private persons from threat that may be caused by third person party. We will protect a health and lives of our clients and members of their families in different situation.

All bodyguards which are included into the staff of our company have taken special trainings and they are armed with skills of elements special operations unit.

Our bodyguards protect private persons in:

-          In the places of temporary housing (hotels, rest houses, resorts);

-          In the outbuildings (offices, business-centers);

-          In the places of work;

-          Through the march of line;

-          Place of residence (house, flat, cottage);

-          In the rest-places (concerts, discos, open space, beach);


Ordering a service ‘bodyguard’ in Andi company you may be sure – we will protect you!